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Remembering Trace,

December 4, 2004- July 2006

     I thought I had found you the perfect home.  Someone who would love you as much as I did.  How could I have been so wrong?

      Why has she never called me and told me why you died?  Why couldn’t she send me something from the vet saying what happened??  Did you not get the treatment you needed??  If she  didn’t want to take care of you she knew I would take you back.

     I’m glad I kept all the emails so I can prove that she is not telling the truth.  I offered to take you back and she said no.

       Secrets are hard to keep and I know I will find out what happened someday.

    I’m sorry Trace, I thought I was letting you go to a loving home.  I can’t believe how wrong I was.


           Love Mom

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Its been 2 years now and I still think of you often Trace.  I know now that your death was caused by heat stroke.  I knew you had no health problems, that was just said to cover up the truth.   You will always be in my heart.